Key Stage 2 activities and the QCA scheme of work for History

In the teachers' zone are a number of downloadable worksheets and activities designed to help the teacher use the site to support unit 9 of the QCA scheme of work for History. You can find these in the relevant key stage download section.

Years 3/4 or Years 5/6?
The QCA assumes that the Home Front will be covered in years 3 or 4 but it also suggests how the unit could be adapted for years 5 and 6. The downloadable worksheets for this site are divided into Year 3/4 activities or Year 5/6 activities. However if you are a Year 5/6 teacher, it's still worth looking at the Y3/4 activities. You may feel that some of them would be relevant and easilt adaptable to the needs of your children.

Expected outcomes
The QCA seems to have a three level model when assessing expected pupil outcomes in any particular unit. To paraphase the QCA scheme of work, this model for this History unit might be along the following lines.

Foundationsome children will not have made much progress as the majority. They will describe what happened during evacuation and begin to recognise that it had causes. They will use sources of information to make simple observations about the war
Mainmost children will demonstrate factual knowledge and understanding of the impact of the Second World War on children in particular and society in general. They will give reasons for, and the results of, evacuation, identify different ways in which the Second World War has been represented, ask questions and answer them using a range of sources and communicate their learning, using specialist terms in ways that show understanding
Extensionsome children will have progressed further and will explore in greater depth how the war affected children in different ways, and the reasons for these differences. They will understand the complex and varied feelings that many children had about evacuation

The downloadable worksheets and activities for Y3/4 try to follow this three level model of expected outcomes.